Home Insurance FAQs

What do I need to know when purchasing home insurance?

You should consider some of the following things when purchasing home insurance:

1. Purchase coverage to replace your home...not your mortgage.

2. Are you going to need extended coverage for your belongings? Some items that you should consider covering are jewlery, silverware, computers, and more. Also consider additional options like flood insurance and earthquake insurance--usually these are seperate options in addition to your main policy.

3. Be sure to check on the coverage amount for personal liability and personal property coverage.

If I am building a house, what policy will cover it?

Your basic home insurance policy will cover this; however it is required to let the insurance company know that you are currently building the house.

How can I make my premium lower?

Your home insurance premium is generally determined by the deductible of your plan--that is, what you pay out of pocket before your insurance takes over. A higher deductible can mean lower premiums over the long run. There also might be "bundle" programs, where if you hold multiple insurance policies with the same company, they might offer you a discount.

I need to file a claim, what should I do?

Filing a claim is something you hope you never have to do--but if you ever do, following these steps can help you. It's important to follow them closely, otherwise the insurance company may reject your claim.


1. If there has been a robbery, inform the police immediately.

2. Make a list of what has happened. If any items were taken, add that to the list.

3. Inform the insurance company immediately to get them involved. They may request some additional information about the

incident in question.

Do I need earthquake or flood insurance?

These are optional in most cases but remember that they are not included with your basic home insurance policy. Talk to your agent to find out what the best options for you would be.



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